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Our Baby Girl

We love Toulah "Toots". Her one year Birthday is coming up in February - the 24th. I will always remember the first time I met Toulah and her parents: Julia Roberts and Snyper. We are very happy the we found Chris. He is a wonderful Breeder who cares very much for his adorable pups.

Stole My Heart

I got my Elvis in March, 2020. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. He brings so much joy to my home. I couldn't say enough about Chris. He is so easy to talk to and so glad I found him. He is always there to answer any questions. He is an AWESOME breeder and sure knows what he is doing! I would HIGHLY recommend getting a Yorkie from him. THANK YOU!!!

so in love

I'm so in love with my little Theodore. I received him from Tiffany's colorful yorkies in March 2020. He has been the bundle of joy that I needed. He the sweetest, cutest little baby and so easy to train. And as a bonus, he has helped my rescue dog, Charley, with his fear and anxiety. They are inseparable. You can see proof of what I'm talking about at @newyorkie.teddy and @newyorkies.nyc

Andy's Mom

Excellent customer service, great quality puppy and fair pricing.

Ann Evans
Video's mom

I have only had him 8 days but he is the best little boy.sleeps all night unless he has to potty and has not cried since I got him home.I also had the most beautiful little girl and she came from Tiffany's also when I lost her to a stupid accident I would not have thought of getting another one any where else. Happy to be a Tiffany's fur baby Mom.

Marshmallow's Mommie
Cynthia Rice-Revis

The best!! I have known Chris his whole life. Never did I ever think my husband and I would own a puppy. I am so glad I saw my Marshmallow's picture. She was mine from first look. We have had her since January and I can't tell you how happy she has made us. Chris is there to help and check in...answering new Mommie questions. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Chris for making our family whole!!! We ❤ Marshmallow and you too!!

Mom to be
Christy Hair

I dont actually have my babies yet but will soon and can not wait.....Chris is AMAZING...I have had so many questions and he has been there for me no matter what time after time any and every question I have had..there has never been any pressure just him wanting me to be happy and comfortable with my future babies..this is the best experience for me ....I cant wait to meet my babies

Minnie and Daisy’s Mom

Minnie and Daisy are my 2nd and 3rd Yorkie from Tiffany’s Kennel. His pups are always so healthy and such well tempered. Minnie is a traditional and Daisy is a black and white. When my Lucy passed Chris immediately started planning my Minnie. As the due dates got closer I decided that I wanted to get 2. I talked with Chris and he educated me in litter mate syndrome. At no time does Chris not take the time to answer questions that I have. I am fortunate that I live close to Chris. He allowed me to come and visit my girls very often during those first few weeks. Chris is an upstanding breeder that loves his pups not just while they are in his care but even when they go to their forever homes. I highly recommend Chris if you are looking for a Yorkie!

Zoey’s Mommy!

I had the most amazing experience with finding my dream yorkie that I have always wanted Chris made that happen for me! Chris is an amazing yorkie breeder that will give you the yorkie that you desire to have which is a very strong healthy bloodline yorkie. I got my Zoeypoo from Chris in May of this year. She is one of the smartest, funniest, and prettiest little parti yorkie. She is an excellent addition to my family. Thanks so much to Tiffany’s Kennels!

My beautiful blue Merle
Patsy Whipkey

Dealing with Chris has been a joy . I found him while looking for a new baby . He has been a great help in helping me with what to watch for he is a awesome breeder he loves each and everyone of his babies . I highly recommend Tiffianys kennels and colorful yorkies . I am saving now looking for time I can get another one

Finley’s mom
Michelle Holden

I got my sweet boy Finn from Chris at Tiffanys Kennels, we couldn’t love him more! Chris was a pleasure to work with and my baby is healthy and so very sweet and loving. Would highly recommend!!!

My sweet Boy
Jack's Mom

Well if I could give them a 10+ I will be more than happy.. Chris help us in every way with answering our questions regarding "Jack" as of today we were able to bring him home to his forever home.. I will highly recommend Tiffany' Kennel & Colorful Yorkies, they are the best..

Jack's mom
Arelys Paredes

Chris was very helpful when it came to buying Jack, he answer every question I had..

Jasper's Mom

I waited two years for our special little man and wouldn’t trade him nothing, chris helped us find the one that was just right for us.

River's Parents

River is 6 months old. He is doing great. Chris was and is so helpful. River is energetic, playful, and will cuddle too. We are in love with this little boy. Would recommend Tiffanys Kennel if you are looking for a Yorkie.

Paris’ mom
Melissa Rosine

I met Chris over 3 years ago when I got my beautiful baby. Paris is the most precious part of my life. Chris is amazing to work with and always there if you need him. I trust him fully and will be getting a brother for Paris in the future.

Yorkie mom

Chris sent us pictures every week from the day the liter was born. We enjoyed our adoption experience of our sweet Yorkie in May 2017. Chris, the owner of Tiffany's Kennel & Colorful Yorkies is fabulous!

Rivers mom

Chris is amazing with his babies I have a Yorkie from him I have always had dogs all my life but never have I had one that I love as much as I love my Yorkie River .THANK YOU CHRIS

Pipa's Mom

Chris is wonderful with all of his fur babies. I got my sweet girl (one of his standard poodles) from him in June last year and she has warmed my heart since. Chris will keep you updated on how your baby is doing, from the time you pick them out, until you are ready to take your fur baby home. I have seen many of his yorkies as well and they are beautiful ? These babies are all well taken care of and loved until you pick them up and take them to their fur-ever home ❤️

buyer of a Yorkie baby
Carol Williams

I have recently purchased a yorkie puppy from Tiffany's kennel. A friend recommended Tiffany's Kennel to me. Chris the owner gave me alot of information on the breed, and continues to keep in touch even a month after the sale. We love our baby boy (Teddy). Thank you Tiffany's kennel for helping us add joy to our family...Carol W.

Mia's mom

I didn’t think I could get another dog after losing my 15 year old Maltese but thank god I talked with Chris and went to see her and I couldn’t wait for her to get big enough to go home with me, I will never forget the lost one but she has stopped me from crying every day, every day is something new with her, Ann , Greensboro NC thank you Chris Davis.i love her go much❤️❤️

We love Tiffany's kennels!
Crystallee McGuinness

We recently got our baby boy from Tiffany's kennels. It was a great experience and we just adore our little guy. Maddox is beautiful, healthy, smart and just perfect for us.

Tiffany's Kennel and Chris
Cathy Toundas

Chris has the finest yorkies anywhere. When I found my Sophie, Chris was so helpful and was always available for me through the adoption process. She is the sweetest and most wonderful companion which I believe is due to the way Tiffany's Kennel cares for the parents and puppies from the very beginning.

Melissa Onek

You will never find a better “Yorkie Papa”! His puppies are the picture of health and meticulously cared for. Chris will go to any length to make sure you get the baby you want and you both go home happy! If you want a Yorkie to complete your family, look no further.

Great dogs!

We have 2 Yorkies from Chris, a traditional and a Gold Dust. Both dogs are healthy and well tempered. Will recommend Tiffany's Kennel to anyone looking for this breed

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