Purchase Agreement


The purpose of this agreement is to outline the payment arrangement for a puppy between you, the buyer _________________ ,and Chris Davis/Tiffany’s Kennel (seller).

The Buyer agrees to the total sale price of $ ________.____
The deposit of $ ______.____ has been received leaving a balance due of $ ______.____

The Buyer agrees to pay the remaining balance of $ _______.____ for the puppy in full.

The Buyer agrees that the remaining balance will be paid on or before ____/____/____.

Once all monies have been paid, then the Seller will release the puppy to the care of the Buyer.

During the contract period, the Seller will care for and provide necessary vaccinations and the puppy will not be advertised for sale.

If for any reason the Buyer does not pay the remaining balance by the due date, the Buyer forfeits ALL RIGHTS to the puppy and monies paid to the Seller.

The only exception is if the Seller decides to extend the terms of contract in which case a new contract with a new contract date will be agreed upon and signed by all parties, after which, the Seller reserves the right to deny any new arrangements.


Click here to download a printable (PDF) Health Guarantee Agreement.