Tiffany’s Kennel Health Guarantee

Purchase of all puppies is subject to the following terms and conditions

Health / Replacement

All puppies come with current shots and de-worming up to the time they leave. A shot and worming history is included with each puppy. All puppies must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of receiving your puppy. The only exception is if delivery is taken on a holiday or weekend then you have until the next business day. A copy of the exam (NOT THE BILL) must be mailed to Tiffany’s Kennel within 2 weeks of purchase date for the guarantee to be valid. Guarantee begins at time of delivery.

Congenital Defects

If your puppy develops a condition that dates to the fetal stage and this condition would negatively impact the quality of life short of euthanasia you will receive a replacement puppy. These conditions are listed and limited to HEART, KIDNEY, LIVER, HIPS and EYES from the date of the puppies’ birth.
No other conditions are covered in this contract.


If you are going to become a toy dog owner, you will want to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of hypoglycemia.
Hypoglycemia is often seen in young toy puppies, and most of the time can be controlled by eating, or by giving glucose (such as honey water or corn syrup) to the puppy.
Glucose is what the body uses as fuel and is necessary for the brain and muscles to function properly.
Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar levels (glucose) fall below normal. This can cause your puppy to appear confused, disoriented, drowsy, have the shivers, stagger, collapse or become comatose, or have seizures.
Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur from stress by shipping, a missed meal, being chilled, or even exhaustion from too much play. Because of their tiny body size, toy puppies cannot eat much at one feeding and can run out of fuel quickly. Puppies should be fed a high-quality diet several times a day. Most puppies will outgrow the problem. Some very tiny dogs will have bouts of hypoglycemia throughout their life. If your puppy displays any of the symptoms listed it is important to restore the blood levels of glucose quickly.
Please Note: Breeder is not responsible for hypoglycemia


Hernia repairs do not warrant a replacement puppy as it is not life threatening and does not interfere with the quality of life.


In case of death, a necropsy stating the cause of death would be required to replace a puppy. Money is not refunded for any reason or any illness.

Also Note

Hypoglycemia, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, kennel cough, demodectic mange, giardiasis, coccidia, and any other puppy diseases not mentioned are not covered by this warranty and are grounds for dispute. It is the sole responsibility of the puppy owner to treat the puppy for all medical conditions that arise from the date the puppy is in care of the new owner.
If you feel you have received an unhealthy puppy that has a congenital defect it is mandatory that a document is provided from your vet stating the problem and test results of all problems that prove what health issues have arisen. We do not accept professional opinions without test results and a full blood panel to back up the professional’s opinion.
Every puppy will leave with a certificate from our vet showing the puppy is in good health at the time of the physical exam.
Tiffany’s Kennel does not warrantee/guarantee adult size, color and temperament, nor does the breeder guarantee fitness for breeding. The new owner agrees that the breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred for the puppy after taking possession
All puppies must maintain a regular health maintenance schedule as recommended by the vet and kept current on all vaccinations.
IN THE EVENT A PUPPY IS DEEMED TO BE NOT HEALTHY OR NOT FIT FOR PLACEMENT WHILE STILL IN OUR CARE, the buyer then has the option of choosing another puppy if available or rolling all deposits and payments to an upcoming litter. No monies are refunded. A replacement puppy of equal value will be given within one year from time of deposit.

Click here to download a printable (PDF) Health Guarantee Agreement.