Adoption Process

PSSST! ... Ya gotta follow the rules ... or NO TREATS!

It all starts with our Adoption Questionnaire.

Some of the questions may seem irrelevant or unusual, but it really helps us to match a puppy’s personality to the right person, family or lifestyle. So when filling out the adoption questionnaire, try to give as much information as you can. After we receive the completed form, you will be placed on a notification list. When a litter is available you will be notified and given an opportunity to schedule a visit. Please remember that all early deposit holders will have the first choice from the litters available. If you did not choose to take advantage of the Early Deposit option, you will only be notified after all deposit holders have made their choice, or elected to transfer to another litter. You may want to read on how early deposit works if you are interested in a specific puppy, or parents.

Health Guarantee

The next step in the adoption process is reviewing and agreeing to our puppy health guarantee. Before a deposit can be accepted, or any puppy purchased goes home, the Health Guarantee must be read and a signed copy placed with Tiffany’s Kennel. When placing a deposit online you agree to having read and understood the Health Guarantee. If you are mailing a deposit or payment, please print, sign and mail along with your deposit. If you need assistance in reading or understanding the Health Guarantee, please contact Chris Davis for further assistance. Click here to download a printable (PDF) Health Guarantee Agreement.

Deposit or Early Deposit


How does that work?

Tiffany’s Kennel is dedicated to the health and quality of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. To ensure the health of our girls and the best possible puppies are produced, we have a limited number of whelps per year. Early deposits are not mandatory. Placing an early deposit gives you the opportunity to select from the available litters before they are listed to the public. Your early deposit is placed on an upcoming litter or litter of newborn puppies not yet ready to leave. A deposit is made for an available puppy not yet ready to leave, but only after all early deposit holders have made a selection, or transferred to the next litter. Placing your deposit is easy! Start by filling out the adoption questionnaire form. That will automatically direct you to our Health Guarantee. After reading and agreeing, you will be presented with the early deposit form. This form will present different options based on your selections of breed, availability and payment choices. You will receive an email confirmation and any further directions as needed.

Purchase Agreement

After your selection has been made, whether you opted to make a deposit on an available puppy or placed an early deposit, you will receive a Purchase Agreement. The purpose of the purchase agreement is to outline the payment arrangement for your puppy between you and Tiffany’s Kennel. The agreement will contain the total cost of your puppy, any deposits made, and the remaining balance and due dates. This agreement also removes the puppy from availability and will not be advertised for sale. Click here to download a printable (PDF) of the purchase agreement

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